5 Reasons for You to Attend

TurnKey is two days of essential information for anyone building, renovating, or operating a laboratory animal facility. Here's why you should be there...

Heading West

The TurnKey Conference felt it was time to take our strong agenda and history of valued educational sessions and networking opportunities to the west coast in 2015.

Call for Speakers--Now Open!

Be a part of the TurnKey conference!  If you're interested in speaking the deadline is October 24, 2014.  Don't be left out!


Focus on Innovation

in·no·va·tion noun \ˌi-nə-ˈvā-shən\ : a new idea, device, or method : the act or process of introducing new ideas, devices, or methods

The TurnKey Conference was a good opportunity to engage the architectural and engineering communities associated with our work. Facility design is the bedrock to how we actually perform the work we do, so it's important to see how the professionals are approaching the work. The zebrafish community is still relatively new to the scene, but there is interest in developing the best practices and equipment to meet our needs.

Lots of good networking I think both keynote speakers brought great information and I had some take home notes. Loved the elephant in the room talk, brought new thoughts and things to follow up on in the facilities.

The timeliness of the AAALAC presentation was great. I also enjoyed the training seminars.

It was my first time attending and I found it to be really a wonderful event. Thank you

I liked that there was times when all participants were grouped in the same place. Lunch was a great bonus.

I liked the very easy networking that happened. What a great group of people assembled. I liked that the sales people were knowledgeable and experts as well.


2015 TurnKey Conference

Advancements in Vivarium Design and Technology

On M
ay 7-8, 2015 the 12th annual TurnKey conference will be the event of the year for facility directors and managers, veterinarians, vendors, designers, and architects, from all over the world!

Laboratory Animal Facility Design  Designed for knowledgeable industry experts, TurnKey  is two days of information that’s absolutely essential for anyone building, renovating, or operating a laboratory animal facility. The conference is designed to provide useful information and ideas on how to update or design laboratories to be more efficient and economical, and how to avoid the common pitfalls and costly mistakes. 

The Call for Speakers is open.
Case studies, lessons learned, best practices...we're looking for it all! Join a roster of industry experts by speaking at the 2015 conference. Share what you know and what you wish you knew! Your colleagues will thank you. For more information click here.
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